x50 Reloadable Training Kit

Simulates the ballistics of the original BIP with an even lower cost per round than our Single-Use Training Round

Reloadable Training Kit Components

50-Shot Kits include

10 reusable projectile heads

50 cartridge casings (M212), complete with propelling charges

50 O-rings

1 aluminum fixture for reloading Warning sheet

250-Shot Kits include

50 reusable projectile heads

250 cartridge casings (M212), complete with propelling charges

250 O-rings

2 aluminum fixtures for reloading Warning sheet


Description BIP Reloadabe Training Round (50-shot,

250-shot) Kit, Cartridge, 40 mm

Model Number S-1090 RTR-50, S-1090 RTR-250

Type Blunt impact kinetic energy round with collapsible head

Compatibility All 40mm Launchers

Operational Range 6.6 – 262 feet (2 –80 meters)

Cartridge Material Glass Filled Nylon

Diameter 1.57 in (40mm)

Length 3.98 in (101mm)

Weight 1.89 oz (53.6 g)

Muzzle Velocity 290 feet/second (88.4 meters/second)

Kinetic Energy at Muzzle 208 J (153 ft·lb)

UN Number 0012

Hazard Class 1.4 S

Quantity per Box 25

Deployment Trainer rounds are not to be used on human targets as they can cause serious bodily injury or death. They are to be used on rubber, paper, or cardboard targets only.