DR Accessories

CHRÓMA II Dual Energy Module 

Logos Imaging’s CHRÓMA II is a material discrimination (organic detection) module that allows users to identify different material types at the touch of a button. This module is fully compatible with all Logos Imaging DR systems in conjunction with the Golden Engineering XR150, XR200, or XRS3. 

Panel Bipod 

Logos Imaging's bipod stand attaches to the side of any DR panel and provides stability when taking an image in a tight space is a necessity. The design also allows users the opportunity to use the bipod on uneven surfaces. The bipod comes in two sizes. The small bipod is designed for the SOSTÓS II and XIRÓS II panels, while the large bipod is designed for the STENÓS II panel. 

Cable Reel

DR cable reels connect to any of our three panels via a magnetic connector. The reels provide communication between the panel and PC, and they are available in 25 m and 50 m cable lengths. (Custom lengths may be available upon request.) 

Wireless Data

Logos Imaging offers multiple wireless solutions to meet your requirements. The options include 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz radios (other frequencies by request). All Logos Imaging wireless options receive power from the PC or source batteries to minimize the number of batteries and chargers required. 

Wireless X-Ray

The Logos Imaging Wireless X-ray Kit ensures users have full control of the Golden Engineering generators from the tablet/PC up-range. These kits provide instant connection and communication and are transferrable between systems with no additional configuration needed.