Gun Wall Kit #8

Gun Wall Kit #8 is a multi-level firearm display that starts at the ground and accommodates 54 vertical firearms, 3 horizontally displayed firearms and 3 pistols. Includes 9 shelves, plus magazine holders and trays. The system is mounted above storage cabinets. Cabinets are not included in the kit.


Designed to fit above your existing cabinet

Will hold 24 firearms vertically and 3 pistols (2 additional firearms can be displayed horizontally)

CradleGrid™ Technology

By applying "grid" to any wall and utilizing grid accessories, you can customize your own "wall of weapons"

No-Tool Customization

Spans 74 sq ft


54 firearms vertically

3 firearms horizontally

3 pistols

9 shelves plus magazine holders and trays


14 large louvered panels (17.25"w x 36"h)

7 small louvered panels (17.25"w x 16"h)

54 rifle cradles

27 stock bases (2 rifles each)

3 horizontal rifle mount sets

3 pistol display pegs

2 metal storage trays (18"w)

3 30-round magazine holders (vertical)

9 stock base shelves (18"w)


Model: Gun Wall Kit #8

Height: 88" | Width: 120.75" | Depth: n/a

Weight: n/a