XA Forces GTX 

XA FORCES GORE-TEX is a very lightweight, all conditions tactical shoe for moving fast in the most critical situations. Based on Salomon's iconic XA PRO 3D, this special forces oriented version is more durable in every way, and has a beefier outsole. 


Reinforced Durability: Every component gets reinforcement, from the stitching to the mesh to the laces on the outside.

Advanced Stability: Coming from Trail Running, Salomon's 3D Advanced Chassis guides the foot even on the roughest terrain, offers great protection and stability for all-trek comfort. 

Lightweight Construction: Even with the added durability, this low version of the XA FORCES GORE-TEX exceeds all lightness standards for its category.

WEIGHT: 470g

Link: https://www.salomon.com/en-us/shop/product/xa-forces-gtx-lg2377.html#color=35860