UTK HydroTape

UTK™ HydroTape is an amazingly versatile and conductive copolymer adhesive gel that will adhere to most surfaces in most environmental temperatures. The ultra-sticky Hydrogel in UTK™ HydroTape tape is 25mils thick and comes in protective plastic sheaths that keep it clean.

*Hydrogel was originally developed for the medical and biotech industries. This gel is skin safe, non-toxic.

UTK™ HydroTape comes in a 1” width to perfectly fit your charge. UTK™ HydroTape offers all of the benefits of Hydrogel with none of the pain of cutting and extra mess! Breachers can now build a charge quickly, efficiently and keep their build clean with UTK™ HydroTape. This Hydrogel based tape is designed specifically for UTK™ kits to help the breacher by removing the inconvenience of having to cut down Hydrogel.