The SRO Crisis Response kit is designed to provide the School Resource Officer with the medical products to treat penetrating trauma and severe bleeding. Carrying this kit empowers an SRO to administer self-aid in the event he or she is injured or provide immediate care to injured casualties during a school incident.


Designed to provide School Resource Officers with the essential life-saving equipment to begin treating injured victims until medical personnel arrive

For the treatment of multiple victims with moderate to severe injuries


Packaged: H 7.75 in. x W 13 in. x D 9 in.

Weight: 5.1 lb


4 x C-A-T® Tourniquet, BLK

4 x NAR Compressed Gauze

4 x NAR 4 in. Emergency Trauma Dressing (ETD™)

4 x NAR 6 in. Emergency Trauma Dressing (ETD™)

1 x NAR Abdominal Emergency Trauma Dressing (ETD™)

1 x HyFin® Vent Chest Seal Twin Pack

2 x CPR Microshield

1 x roll Surgical Tape, 2 in.

5 x pair Bear Claw Nitrile Gloves, Large

1 x NAR 7.25 in. Trauma Shears

2 x Permanent Marker

2 x Survival Blanket