The Avon fire hardened FM54 Air Purifying Respirator provides Specialist Operators maximum level of protection to the face, eyes and respiratory tract from Chemical Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN), Riot Agents, Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs) and Toxic Industrial Materials (TIMs) while maintaining extreme user flexibility as mission profiles change. 


-Special Response Teams -First Responders

-Law Enforcement -SWAT/ERT Teams 

-Clandestine Drug Lab -Civil Support Teams 

-Entry & Remediation -Chemical Spill Cleanup 

-Bomb Squads -Bio Identification & Clean Up 

Key Features

-The flexible, panoramic single lens visor minimizes visual stress and provides best in class field of view and compatibility with weapons sights and night vision equipment while providing ballistic protection and scratch resistance 

-Vision correction assembly for prescription lenses 

-Fail safe, high flow hydration system 

-6 point fire hardened skull cap head harness with low profile pre-adjusted brow straps 

-A full range of filters are available to meet the variety of needs that the FM54 can address 

-Ruggedized integrated mode selector 

Operator Comfort

-Available in four sizes to accommodate all operators 

-Comfortable reflex seal with low profile brow for superior helmet compatibility 

-Interchangeable silicone nosecups for custom fit 


-Optional low profile, voice projection unit with internal microphone 

-Provides clear communication while wearing mask 

-Electronic pass-through for external radio use 

Specialist mask 

-The unique chlorobutyl/silicone blend face piece material ensures the mask is not only high in protection but also provides a better seal and is more comfortable to wear for extended periods 

-Flexible face piece provides superior cheek-to-stock weld for weapons integration 

-FM54 functions in both negative and positive pressure modes (APR, SCBA and PAPR) 

-Reduced buckle size for suit/helmet integration 

-Second-skin hood/mask interface allows mask to integrate with the Gore Chempak™ material protective hood 

-Enhanced, robust lever located on VREU (Variable Resistance Exhalation Unit), switches mode from positive to negative pressure without removal of optional VPU (Voice Projection Unit) or loss of protection 


Full range of removable outserts are available to provide additional ballistic protection and comfortable operation 

Technical Data