ATLAS Thermal Imaging Binocular

ATLAS is the first commercially available thermal binocular based on 12-micron technology. Lightweight and fully waterproof, the N-Vision Optics ATLAS Thermal Binocular is extremely robust and capable. Constructed with durable composite plastics, it is signifi cantly smaller in size and weight in comparison to other thermal binoculars on the market.

ATLAS delivers a high-resolution thermal image and extended detection, recognition, and identification ranges in even the most challenging environmental conditions. ATLAS is the first choice for search and rescue professionals, wildlife observers, hunters, sailors, and many others who demand only the best equipment.


ATLAS enables you to observe targets in a complete darkness. Ideal for a wide variety of uses such as surveillance, nighttime hunting wildlife observation, marine navigation, search and rescue. Over 1.25 miles detection range for man size figure

State of the art 640x480, 12 micron sensor with industry leading 60Hz refresh rate ; Anti-reflective (AR) coated high speed (F1.2) Germanium optics; Durable and waterproof; No-slip rubberized housing; 2X and 4X digital zoom.

White hot/black hot/color pallets. Unique edge detect mode that cannot be found in any other commercially available thermal binocular.

Take photos at any time, record more true-to-life details. it’s easy to display images on television or transfer files to a computer. Share fun with your family and friends.