BIP Standard

The BIP 40mm round is a safer and more effective alternative to existing less lethal technology.

BIP 40mm Round Features

Designed to be fired from 40mm launchers

Collapsible gel head mushrooms upon impact to absorb kinetic energy

Impact is spread over a larger surface area for maximum pain compliance, while causing less injury

Operational short-range distance of 2 meters, to an effective long range of 80 meters

Optimum long / short ranges allow for one SDI round to be used vs. two rounds from competitors

6 payload options available

Sold in increments of 25. Minimum order is 25.


Description: BIP Standard, Cartridge, 40mm

Model Number: S-1000 BIP

Type Blunt: impact kinetic energy round with collapsible head

Compatibility: All 40mm Launchers

Operational Range: 6.6 – 262 feet (2 –80 meters)

Cartridge Material: Glass Filled Nylon

Diameter: 1.57 in (40mm)

Length: 3.98 in (101mm)

Weight: 1.77 oz (50.3g)

Muzzle Velocity: 290 feet/second (88.4 meters/second)

Kinetic Energy at Muzzle: 208 J (153 ft·lb)

UN Number: 0012

Hazard Class: 1.4 S

Quantity per Box: 25

Deployment: It is stressed that shot placement is critical. Shots to the head, neck, thorax, heart, or spine can result in fatal or serious injury. As a result, SDI recommends shooters target areas according to their agency’s use of force model.