Allows for tool-free attachment of all Peltor™ ComTac™ systems, eliminating the rigid metal headband for better fit and comfort.

Work with all Peltor™ ComTac™ Systems

Open and closed positions allow quick donning and doffing of helmet

Wiring is easily routed inside or outside the helmet shell 


Tool-free attachment directly to the quick release slot on the EXFIL®Rail 2.0, EXFIL® Rail 3.0 and Team Wendy® SAR Rail systems 


EXFIL® Ballistic SL SAR Backcountry™ with Rails

EXFIL® Ballistic SAR Tactical™

EXFIL® Carbon M-216™ Backcountry

EXFIL® LTP M-216™ Tactical


69 g (0.15 lbs)