PC/TACMOD1 Backpack Torch Kit

The PC/TACMOD1 is the basis for the U.S. Marine Corps' Assault Breachers' Torch Kit and also is in use with Army Special Forces, the FBI, and other federal and local special response teams. It was created to meet the specialized requirements of the military's tactical cutting operations. This lightweight rescue and recovery torch system is engineered to provide the greatest cutting capability in a man-carried torch system. The PC/TACMOD1 provides the capability of cutting  linear feet of 1" thick steel in less than 10 minutes.

The PC/TACMOD1 contains a depth-compensating oxygen regulator to facilitate limited underwater cutting operations to 90 fsw. In addition to breaching/forced entry the PC/TACMOD1 can be used for amphibious special ops and maritime damage control operations. RapidFire® cutting rod igniters are required for underwater ignition of cutting rods.

The PC/TACMOD1 forced entry kit setup is fast and easy. The use of hand-tight fittings and quick connects means no tools are required for assembly or disassembly. The PC/TACMOD1 torch kit uses Broco® cutting rods and RapidFire® cutting rod igniters (optional). RapidFire's fuel element reacts with oxygen to produce a preheat source facilitating near-instantaneous non-electric ignition of the cutting rods. For economical operations, the included battery ignition components allow easy lighting of the cutting rods.

The PC/TACMOD1 comes complete with torch, high pressure oxygen cylinder, regulator, hoses, Breachers A.R.C. Molle backpack assembly, battery ignition accessories, rod extender, rod quivers, leather shield, gloves, safety goggles and custom foamed storage case.

The PC/TACMOD2 export version has BS 341-3 valve and regulator fittings and 230V input battery charger. The aluminum oxygen cylinder is EN compliant.