The LiftR™ is an inflatable flotation system used in surface and subsurface operations, providing the appropriate amount of lift necessary to bring a diver/swimmer to the surface and float them in a face-up orientation. It is attached to existing combat equipment by slipping it on and over the shoulder straps and cummerbund of the operator’s plate carrier. The LiftR™ is self-packing and will fit most plate carriers.


LiftR 40 provides 40lbs of lift at the waters surface

Auto or manual inflation options available

Flotation system used in surface and subsurface operations

Floats user in a face-up orientation

Low profile, self-packing system

Fits most plate carriers

Can be worn with or without armor

Multiple attachment system accessories

Manual air dump/deflation

Attaches directly to the PlateFrame™ using the integrated attachment system

LiftR 40™ listed in the Authorization for Navy Use (ANU) by NAVSEA. Equipment number 1.1.18. For more information on the ANU listing, click here.

Available on GSA