The Eagle Industries Operator Gun Belt w/MOLLE Attachment is one of our best-selling items. The OGB is a Micro-MOLLE belt with D-Ring integrated into the Cobra buckle fastener constructed of MIL-SPEC 4088 TYPE XIII WEBBING materials. Our OGB features Cobra Buckle closure with built-in D-Ring attachment point, two rows of MOLLE for modularity, stiffened for mounting holsters, etc without causing belt to sag or twist, and a loop on interior of belt to reduce wear on clothing if used without inner belt. Available in small, medium, large, and extral large sizes in black, MultiCam® black, MultiCam®, coyote brown, and ranger green.


-ANSI-Rated Cobra Buckle with built-in D-Ring attachment point.

-Two rows of ½ inch MOLLE enable the user to easily mount and quickly reconfigure equipment and accessories.

-Stiffened to easily support the weight of a pistol and holster, or other heavy items, without causing belt to sag or twist.

-Can be worn independently or in conjunction with our OGB Inner Belt (sold separately)..

-Loop fastener is mounted on the interior of the Operator’s Gun Belt so that it will not damage garments underneath it, when worn alone.


Weight: 14.4oz

Dimensions(LxWxH): 23.0"x2.5"x1.25"

Small: Fits Waist 29" - 34"

Medium: Fits Waist 34" - 39"

Large: Fits Waist 39" - 44"

X-Large: Fits Waist 44" - 49"

Q:  You use loop on the outer belt and hook on the inner.  Why?

A:  Two main reasons.  First, the end users in the special operations community requested an outer belt that could also be worn by itself on the outside of a wetsuit/cold weather gear/etc. without damaging the garment.  Also, the hook/loop interface is improved by the loop being on the outer belt.

Q: How is it improved?

A: Let's talk science for a minute. When you bend something, one side is under tension and the other is compression.  When the hook is on the outer belt, it is under compression, and the “fingers” of the hook surface are forced together and can interfere with one another.  However, when the hook is on the inner belt, the “fingers” are opened and spread apart (like opening an orange slice so the segments spread apart) and each one can more efficiently connect with the loop surface.

Q: How do you get around the “scratchy” aspect of the hook?

A:  Not all hook types are created equal.  Rather than just using the standard hook that many companies do, we utilize a low profile molded hook material on the inner belt.  It provides a great grip between the two belts while also having the benefit of not being as “snaggy” as normal hook.