Tactical Ladder

Armadillo Tactical Gear works with military and SWAT police departments to offer tactical ladders and accessories to address the specific challenges faced in these fields. Our primary focus is the design and manufacture of lightweight composite ladders and accessories made from carbon fiber. In situations where agility is paramount, weight reduced tactical ladders offer a clear advantage over traditional ladders made from aluminum and steel.

Why Carbon Fiber Tactical Ladders?

Armadillo Tactical Gear has developed an extremely lightweight segmented carbon fiber ladder platform. These patented tactical ladders provide a substantial improvement over conventional ladders for applications where weight and compact size are critical. Several self-supporting ladders currently exist for use by the military, including telescoping and sectional ladders; however, these tend to be heavy and not compact enough for easy portability. Utilizing the high stiffness and strength of carbon fiber, these ladders can support a soldier or SWAT team member, yet weigh no more than 12 pounds assembled. Each segment weighs only up to 2.4 pounds. The individual sections quickly and quietly slide together to form a complete ladder up to 5 segments long. Length and width are determined by the specific model of tactical ladder.

Tactical Ladder Applications

The lightweight segmented ladders can be used by a group of individuals that may need a short 4-foot, or up to a 12 foot tall ladder, but who are traveling on foot and cannot bring a regular ladder in a vehicle. For law enforcement, the compact segments can be stored in a bag in the trunk of the car and only utilized when necessary. This allows SWAT teams and other officers to have a ladder available at any time in under a minute, but without the bulk or weight of conventional metal ladders.

Additional uses of ladder segments: