Door Blower

The Broco Door Blower - a powerful forced entry system for first responders and tactical teams. This new hydraulic/pneumatic door opener features 13 tons of push. The Broco Door Blower is a hydraulic jamb spreader supporting a steel-reinforced high pressure bag. Compressed air from a small cylinder powers the dynamic component. The Broco Door Blower packs the power of explosives without the liability.

Advantages of the Broco Door Blower include:

The Broco Door Blower System includes:

With the entry team in position, the second operator cracks open the air cylinder valve (1/4 turn) causing the high pressure bag to inflate putting pressure against the door until it bursts inward. The operator clears the Blower from the entry point. The only noise is from the door/lock/jamb giving way when the breach is made.

The Broco Door Blower is for inward opening doors only.