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Aerosol Grenade

The SABRE Red 1.33% MC, 5.0 oz., MK-5 Fog Delivery Aerosol Grenade empties in fourteen (14) seconds filling an area of 22,000 cubic feet in 60 seconds. 

                                                                    SABRE The Competition
#1 Brand Trusted by Law Enforcement Worldwide  
HPLC Guarantee                                                   
Health Testing                                                           
Maximum Number of Bursts                                      
Refillable Inert System                                           
Refillable MK-9 Inerts                                           
MK-9 Safety Ties                                                   
Crossfire Technology                                          Some
5-Year Shelf life                                                  Some
Visualization Process                                          Some
Level III Formulation                                             Some
UV Marking Dye                                                  Some
EID Compatibility                                                  Some
Stream, Cone, Foam & Gel                                  Some
ISO 9001:2008 Certified                                          Some
EPA Establishment                                                  Some
Health Canada Establishment                                  Some
All-Natural Formula                                                 Some
Carcinogen-Free Spray                                          Some
  • Exclusive HPLC guarantee (only manufacturer to ensure heat specifications via an in-house high performance liquid chromatography laboratory)
  • 5-year shelf life
  • Backed by eye, skin, and inhalation testing
  • Target acquisition confirmation
  • UV marking dye
  • Non-flammable/EID compatible
  • High temperature exposure test
  • Low temperature exposure test
  • PSI accuracy test before leaving factory
  • Leakage prevention test before leaving factory
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified
  • EPA & Health Canada Establishment

Static subjects are few and far between. When force escalation triggers the use of pepper spray, subjects will frequently move, duck or attempt to block the spray.That's why you want Crossfire Technology.