Avon EZAirTM is the newest generation of single filter airflow system, substantially smaller and lighter than traditional powered air units. Avon EZAir also provides the power source for all configurations of the AvonAir range.

Five years of research and development have resulted in the first CBRN air-system that delivers the benefits of a traditional Powered Air Device in a more compact and integrated system.

Modular methodology allows users to add Avon EZAir to existing fielded systems such as the 50 Series APR’s and convert into a two filter PAPR system for increased performance.

Avon ‘s EZAir continuous fresh airflow helps relieve the burden of heavy breathing enabling responders to easily communicate and reduce fatigue.

With fewer parts, Avon EZAir operational costs are up to 70% less than traditional airflow systems resulting in the lowest cost of ownership.

Increased operational time
  • Battery life >8 hrs (battery pack dependant)
  • Constant flow rate through filter reduces inhalation resistance
  • Hot swap battery for rapid exchange
Optimized Integration
  • Integrated MOLLE panel and belt options
  • S-Shape hose with crush proof technology delivers superior integration
Intelligent Control Systems
  • Automatic flow control adjusts to filter type
  • Low flow and battery alarms alert
  • Dual speed function – automatically increases flow rate
Novel Material Technologies
  • One size lightweight and flexible hose
  • Crush proof hose with dual wall construction
  • Military pedigree plastics used for superior resistance
Modular Upgrade Options
  • Remote power switch for simple operation at the mask
  • Combination hose allows for SCBA connection
  • Flexible two filter PAPR module automatically adjusts flow rate of Avon EZAIR
  • Article 10 type-examination to PPE Directive 89/686/EEC
  • NIOSH Approved CBRN APR Statement of Standard and Title 42 CFR 84
  • TC-14G-0345 with C50
  • TC-14G-0346 with FM54
  • * Avon EZAir certified in belt mount position only