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Ultimate Breacher Tool

Ultimate Breacher Tool
4 in 1 - Pry, Sledge, Ram, &  Rake

The latest from Broco Tactical - The Ultimate Breacher Tool! Designed with first responders in mind. The newest multi-purpose tool for law enforcement and military alike.  The Broco Ultimate Breacher Tool (UBT) is the one simple tool that combines four tools into one: a sledge, pry, ram and rake.  It is easy to carry and easy to use.  

The pry tool portion of the UBT is tapered, angled, strong armor plate, and the tip can be used for lateral spreading.
The sledge is the head of the UBT and weighs eight lbs.; it can be used as a hammer to break, bend and open, and with a Halligan.
The UBT becomes a door ram when reversing the grip and swinging across the body.
The rake has been incorporated to the underside of the pry tool to allow efficient clearing of broken glass and other debris.
The UBT is offered with a "D" handle for law enforcement, and a straight handle for SWAT and military customers.   

The "D" handle UBT is 24" long and weighs 14 lbs.  The straight handle tool is 26" long and weighs 12 lbs.