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Chameleon® Chemical Detection Armband

Chemical detection has never been easier.

Keep Your Team Safe:
Military, law enforcement, first responders and emergency personnel know-the most effective missions are the safest. And only known dangers can be proactively mitigated. Yet, some of the most dangerous threats-like toxic, airborne chemicals-are often unseen. Whether investigating a potential chemical suicide, raiding a possible meth lab or conducting military reconnaissance in a hostile theater, ensuring safe breathing conditions is paramount to the safety of all involved. You want a chemical detector that you can trust. The Chameleon chemical detection armband was designed for these threats.

Traditional chemical detection devices are difficult, expensive and fragile:
There are many handheld chemical detectors on the market, choosing the right one is critical. Traditional electronic chemical detectors require a great deal of training, a large budget and regular maintenance. These chemical detectors are designed for use by hazmat or CBRN specialists. The Chameleon chemical detection armband is much more convenient. Simple to use and low cost, Chameleon is a unique chemical detector that can be used by every warfighter, police officer and firefighter. Finally, there is a chemical detector that is made for use in the field.
Chameleon is easy to use, low-cost, and rugged:
Thanks to the Chameleon's simple color-change chemical detection system, it's easy to know if chemical danger is present. One color indicates the absence of toxic gas. When two colors appear in the window, users know it's time to take action. No chemical detector is easier to use. The brief video clip shows a Chameleon chemical detection cassette changing color in real-time upon exposure to a toxic gas.

More About Chameleon:
In addition to being easy-to-use and low cost, the Chameleon chemical detector is built for the real world. It is designed for use in arctic, tropical and desert conditions. It can even be immersed in water. Other chemical detectors can't do that. That's why naval boarding teams use the Chameleon.

Morphix Technologies has prioritized its product development based on the advice of U.S. military and law enforcement agencies, so Chameleon chemical detection cassettes are available for many of the high-risk Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs) identified by the U.S. government.