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G15WH Dual-Tube Night Vision Binocular

The G15 is a dual tube night vision binocular designed for use in situations where increased situational awareness and depth perception are critical. Dual tube binocular night vision systems provide increased depth perception in comparison to monocular systems. This feature affords the user enhanced capabilities to perform mission essential tasks such as driving and administering first aid.

Ideal for head or helmet mounted and observatory operations, the G15 is built from two GT-14 monoculars which are dual mounted and may be separated for independent use which makes the G15 a truly versatile night vision device.

  • Dual-mounted monoculars for added versatility
  • Binocular configuration increases depth perception
  • White phosphor model available
Magnification:                     1x

Range Focus:                      25 cm to infinity

Diopter Focus:                    +2 to -6 diopters

Field of View:                      40°

Operating Temperature:     -51° C to +50°C

Storage Temperature:         -51° C to +85°C

Weight:                               748 g/ 26 oz

Dimensions (inches):           4.7L x 2.5W x 4.3H (inches)

Dimensions (centimeters):   12L x 6W x 11H (centimeters)

Battery:                               2 CR123 (or 2 AA with optional adapter)

Image Intensifier:                Generation 3 Auto-Gated White P-45 Phosphor

Resolution, min:                  64 lp/mm

Signal to Noise, min:           25

Halo:                                  < 1.25