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Clip-On Ruggedized Advanced Thermal Optical Sight- CRATOS

CRATOS is a miniaturized all-in-one thermal weapon sight designed for handheld, clip-on or stand-alone use. The thermal imaging capability of the CRATOS allows for observation and target identification under adverse conditions including light rain, smoke, light snow, and low light to total darkness. Its integral laser pointer allows for handoff of target positions to the warfighter with night vision goggles.

  • LENGTH/WIDTH/HEIGHT: 4.55" x 3" x 2.6" (without the eyecup and objective lense)
  • WEIGHT: 21 oz. (1.3 lb.) clip-on configuration without wireless
  • BATTERY POWER: Two AA CR123 batteteries
  • BATTERY LIFE: >4hrs.at0°C
  • FIELD-OF-VIEW: 21° Horizontal x 15.7° Vertical Field-Of-View (FOV) (26.2° diagonal)
  • MAGNIFICATION: 2x with 1/2x (clip-on) and 4x digital zoom capability
  • FRAME RATE: 60 Hz
  • All-in-one thermal weapon sight (handheld, clip-on and stand-alone)
  • Lightweight and small package
  • Keypad offers direct independent control of brightness, gain, polarity (White-Hot, Black-Hot and Outline Modes), calibration and access to software menu
  • Color thermal display
  • 640 x 480 17 μm Focal Plane Array (FPA) with 60 Hz frame rate
  • 21° Horizontal x 15.7° Vertical Field of View (FOV) (26.2° diagonal)
  • System image shift ≤ 1.1 Minutes of Angle (MOA)
  • Integral, collimated dual-power Class 1 and Class 3B NIR laser
  • Shutter offers automatic and manual calibration
  • Seven thermal pixels on man-sized target at 500 meters
  • Removable rail mount maximizes handheld ergonomics
  • Offset objective design minimizes heat effects
  • Reticle boresighting
  • Low-power laser only mode
  • Passive ranging
  • Additional ballistic reticles
  • Capture, store and download up to 150 images