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Busch Protective AMP-1 TP Ballistic Helmet

The AMP-1 TP is the First & Lightest Composite Helmet with VPAM (HVN-2009) Certification in the world. VPAM is the Gold Standard of ballistic testing certification within Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Most Special Police Units within Europe, including Germany’s GSG9 and SEK are required to have their ballistic helmets VPAM certified. Law Enforcement, Anti-Terror, and Police Specialized Units around the world, deserve the level of protection that gives them first-rate protection (VPAM Standard). The VPAM certification compared to other test standards, uses a more realistic ballistic testing aspect which is specific to close quarter combat threats that Law Enforcement Officers or Anti-Terror Units will be exposed to during operations. These specialized units, in comparison to soldiers, are more exposed to the likelihood of being shot within the head region, whilst working in confined spaces due to the proximity and nature of their work. Sadly, even today, most helmets used by Law Enforcement and First Response Teams are helmets manufactured for military operations. The Best deserve the Best!

  • Non Ballistic Impact Visor (impact tested
  • to 100 Joules)
  • Fragmentation Visor (STANAG 2920 – 1,082 f/s)
  • NIJ Level IIIA Ballistic Visor (9mm/44 Mag)
  • VPAM Ballistic Visor
  • V3-Hole NVG Shroud (AA or Wilcox)
  • Helmet Cover Black or Green
  • Helmet Hook and Loop Kit
  • Helmet Counter Weight Kit
  • Visor protective cover
  • Side-rail adapter
  • Hydro dip patterns available
  • Peltor™ adapter
  • Visor attachment mount
  • Picatinny Rail Accessory Adapters

  • Rails with Speed-System Connection Point
  • Advanced padding system with improved wheel dial for ultimate sizing flexibility
  • New harness system with no loose ends with crab buckle feature for single handed adjustment
  • VPAM / STANAG 2920 IIIA / V50=2,176 f/s
  • ACH Full Cut
  • ACH Mid Cut
  • ACH High Cut
  • Black & Green