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Busch Protective AMP-1 E Ballistic Helmet

The AMP-1 E specialized aramid shell is independently tested and certified at Chesapeake labs to NIJ IIIA (9mm and 44 Magnum), against fragmentation according to STANAG 2920 with a V50 rating of 2,230ft/s. Our standard features include an advanced padding system, wheel-dial system, and unique rail system. These components ensure that comfort, practicality, and capability are provided, giving the user an added degree of confidence. The unique rail-system and its Speed Connect System (SCS) gives the user even more tactical and modular protective capability. Our modular protective visors (Impact, Fragmentation, 9mm/44Mag) can be added/removed from the helmet in seconds without ever having to take off the helmet – always being protected. More recently we have increased the protective modular capabilities with our BAN-1/CAN-1 (Ballistic/Non-ballistic neck protection), BAM – 1/CAM-1 (Ballistic/Non-ballistic mandible/Chin guard and our non-ballistic visors with the rubbers seal.

  • Non Ballistic Impact Visor (Independently tested (Chesapeake Labs) blunt impact tested to 100 Joules)
  • Non Ballistic Impact Visor with rubber seal (Chesapeake Labs) blunt impact tested to 100 Joules)
  • Non Ballistic Fragmentation visor (Independently tested (Chesapeake Labs) STANAG 2920 – 1,082 f/s)
  • NIJ IIIA Ballistic Visor (Independently tested (Chesapeake Labs) 9mm/44 Mag)
  • VPAM Ballistic Visor Independently tested (Melrichstadt Labs)
  • Ballistic neck protection (9mm Ballistic and non-ballistic) – Independently tested (Melrichstadt Labs)
  • Ballistic Mandible/Chin guard (9mm tested)
  • 3-Hole NVG Shroud
  • Helmet Cover Black or Green
  • Helmet hook and loop Kit
  • Helmet Counter weight Kit
  • Visor protective cover
  • Side-rail adaptor
  • Peltor adaptor

  • Rails with Speed-System Connection Point
  • Advanced padding system with improved wheel dial for ultimate sizing flexibility
  • New harness system with no loose ends with crab buckle feature for single handed adjustment

  • IIIA / STANAG 2920 | V50 2,230 f/s
  • AMP-1 E advanced STANAG with Autoclave accelerated aging (V50 = 2144 fps)
  • Back-face tested according to HPW-TP0401.018 Sec. 9
  • US ACH AR/PD-10-02 Rev A, 2014 (average below 77 g)
  • EN 397 blunt impact tested varying temperatures
  • ACH Full Cut
  • ACH Mid Cut
  • ACH High Cut
  • Black & Green